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Hello, this is Janis Ciuba, now Janis Danner.  Great web address for me, thanks to my brother Skip.  If you have a question or problem when it comes to painting or decorating your home, send me a note, and I will help! 
My snail mail address is: 3008 Brookview Drive 
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We took a dream trip to Ecuador!

October, 2007, lots of pictures and videos


Jim's Retirement Party April 28, 2007!



Sweet Pea

More recent photos 2006

Home and Garden

House Pictures August '03

Our living room


8 Flowers on the  Night Blooming Cerious Plant July, 2002

March, garden structure:  Boulders!

April, backyard  with new plantings.....

We took down the wall between the kitchen and dining room

Easter, March 31, 2002

Here is the new house: Move and New House


Our Vacations

Big Bend Clear Dark Skies for Astronomy 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006

Alaska cruise June, 2004  for Comcast Photo Show which takes some time to load

or  paste this in your browser window   http://www.photoshow.net/redir_comcast.php?show=dvWNZAIvd

Janice and Steve Wedding  September 1, 2003 Warwick, MA

Plenty more pictures of the Bahamas

Bahamas  June, 2002

Caribbean Cruise Photos  April, 2002

Wildflowers in the Hill Country!  April 7, 2001

We're in love with Italy!!!  Honeymoon, 2000




And the two first Polaroid wedding pictures!   Wedding

More Pictures:

Animated Announcement Carriage Rides
Rehearsal Day Reception
Arrival More Reception
Preparations Bye for now
Program Wedding taken by Don

Snow in Plano!

Whale Puzzle  Try this, it's fun!


Home Move/ New House Family! Weather Moss Rocks Wildflowers Whale Puzzle JDSKWedding Italy Cruise Bahamas '02 Big Bend '05 3 D Photos Wedding Ancient History



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